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The Hong Kong Society of Nephrology was established since 1979. It is a non-profit making professional organization consisting of doctors, nurses and other allied health staff who are interested in renal diseases.

Young Nephrology Investigators Scholarship (YNIS)

  1. To encourage young members of the Society to engage in studies and present their research in the international meetings.
  2. To provide financial support for young nephrologists, nurses and nephrology-related allied health professionals to attend international nephrology meetings for educational purposes.
Qualifying criteria
  1. A) Medical Officers/ Residents/ Resident Specialists who must be a Nephrology trainee or fellow, and a paid-up Full member of the Society, or
    B) Paid-up Associate members of the Society.
  2. Age 40 or below on the first day of the meeting.
  3. First and presenting author of an abstract accepted for either oral or poster presentation in a recognized international / regional nephrology meeting (see appendix) or in any other international meetings with high relevancy to nephrology, subject to the discretion of the Society.


  1. The maximum amount of scholarship is 80% of a regular HKSN overseas conference sponsorship.
  2. The recipients should acknowledge HKSN during abstract presentation.
  3. Application is also allowed if the applicant have submitted an abstract to a conference but is not accepted. Such application will be processed if there is outstanding YNIS quota from the preceding year and is subject to the discretion of the Council of the Society.)
Amount of Scholarship
  1. Meetings outside South-East Asia, Japan and South Korea: HK$20,000
  2. Meetings in Japan and South Korea: HK$12,000
  3. Meetings in South East Asia, outside Hong Kong / Macau / Taiwan: HK$10,000
  4. Meetings in Taiwan: HK$7,200
  5. Meetings in Hong Kong / Macau: registration fees only
Quota of scholarship available:
Ten (10) per Society-year, and not more than 3 for each individual meeting.
Each member is only eligible for ONE scholarship per Society-year.

Priority for selection when number of candidates exceeds quota (in descending order):
  1. Oral > poster presentation
  2. Not having received this scholarship before
  3. Nephrology trainee > Nurse / Medical Technologist / Scientist / Allied Health Professional > Fellow
  4. Time of submission of application to the council
Rules for application
  1. Fill in the application form that may then be handed in by hand/post/fax together with a copy of the abstract and the abstract acceptance letter*. The abstract acceptance letter may be submitted at a later date when available.
  2. The application has to be supported by the head of the Division of Nephrology of the corresponding hospital.
  3. The successful applicant is not allowed to receive any other sponsorship on the same event, whether partial or full. Failure to observe will lead to disqualification.

No applicant would be granted the scholarship for more than 2 consecutive Society-year