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The Hong Kong Society of Nephrology was established since 1979. It is a non-profit making professional organization consisting of doctors, nurses and other allied health staff who are interested in renal diseases.

Inter-hospital Renal Meeting

Staff from renal units of various hospitals under the Hospital Authority as well as nephrologists from the private sector in Hong Kong meet together every 2 weeks. It is a venue for continued education for nephrologists as well as trainees.

2 cases from 2 different units will be presented. The presentations will be followed by discussions as well as in-depth review of the literature. Moreover, there are teach-in sessions of different aspects of nephrology, dialysis and transplantation take place 3 - 4 times each year.

Important case reports will be published in the Hong Kong Journal of Nephrology.

The Hong Kong Renal Registry implementation team (both clinical and IT) will meet the user representatives from various hospitals when necessary to receive feed backs and to present enhancements made.

The meeting is also a venue for the announcement of important events concerning the Hong Kong Society of Nephrology

Schedules of Inter-hospital Renal Meetings
CME accreditation by the Hong Kong College of Physicians
AHNH = Alice Ho Miu  Ling Nethersole Hospital CMC = Caritas Medical  Centre
HKPNS = Hong Kong Paediatric Nephrology Society KWH = Kwong Wah Hospital
MSN = Macau Society of Nephrology NDH = North District Hospital
PMH = Princess Margaret Hospital PWH = Prince of Wales Hospital
PYNEH = Pamela Youde Nethersole Eastern Hospital QEH = Queen Elizabeth Hospital
QMH = Queen Mary Hospital TKOH = Tseung Kwan O Hospital
TMH = Tuen Mun Hospital TWH = Tung Wah Hospital
UCH = United Christian Hospital YCH = Yan Chai Hospital
POH = Pok Oi Hospital