About HKSN (Hong Kong Society of Nephrology)

The Hong Kong Society of Nephrology was established since 1979. It is a non-profit making professional organization consisting of doctors, nurses and other allied health staff who are interested in renal diseases.

Main objectives of the Society:

  1. To promote the interest in and a better under understanding of Nephrology in Hong Kong.
  2. To provide a venue for discussion of problems related to Nephrology.
  3. To endeavour to improve the standard of Nephrology care.
  4. To provide a means of liaison with workers in Nephrology in other parts of the world.

Principal activities

  1. Academic Meetings and related issues
    Inter-hospital Renal Meetings
    Renal Bulletin
    Academic Conferences with overseas and local speakers
    Annual Scientific Meetings
    Hong Kong Journal of Nephrology
    Young Nephrology Investigators Scholarship

  2. General public education lectures and seminars

    Educational seminars concerning renal diseases that are open to the public e.g. open lectures, talks on radio and television.

    Video tapes on End Stage Renal Disease and Renal Transplant

  3. Promotion on Organ Donation

    The Society actively participates in various organ donation promotion programmes through exhibitions, parades, talks and various mass media. The Society was awarded the Transplant Award organized by Queen Mary Hospital in 1997/98 for the contribution in transplantation in Hong Kong.

  4. Renal Rehabilitation Regular activities are held to promote rehabilitation of the End-stage Renal Failure patients on dialysis and after renal transplant.

    1. Renal Patient Sports Day
      The Hong Kong Renal Patients Sports Day was first organized in 1993. It was then organized yearly up to 1996. Thereafter, it became a biennial event. Track and Field events were held during the Sports Days. In 1994, the Sports day was incorporated into the Asian Renal Transplant Patients Sports Day in which six other Asian countries participated. The last Sports Day was held in 3rd December 2000 and the next Renal Patients Sports Day will be held in the year 2003.

    2. World Transplant Game
      Transplant patients are sponsored by the Society to attend the International World Transplant Games held once every 2 years so that patients from Hong Kong may compete and share experience with transplant patients from other parts of the world.

    3. Karaoke Competition
      A Karaoke Competition was held for renal patients in Hong Kong Cultural Centre in 1994. 2000 attendants from 12 renal dialysis centres participated the event.

    4. Table Tennis Competition
      The first Table Tennis Competition was held in 1996 with more than 200 participants. The fourth competition was held in 1999 and the next table tennis competition will be held on 10 March, 2002.

    5. Cooking Competition
      The Renal Patients Cooking Competition was held in July 1997 to improve the understanding of the importance of renal diets and to promote the various attractive cuisine in renal diet.

    6. Gate Ball Competition
      The Gate Ball events were introduced in 1998 and the first Gate Ball competition was held in July that year. The competition was also incorporated into the 5th Renal Patients Sports Day in December 1998. The practice of Gate Ball will promote communication and co-operation among renal patients. Moreover, this is a game for all ages. The next Gate Ball competition will be held on the 7th of July, 2002.

  5. Community Rehabilitation Network HKSN has close liaison with the Community Rehabilitation Network (CRN) in Hong Kong. CRN has participated in the Rehabilitation Symposium, which was held in June 1997. CRN organizes patient exercise programmes, vocation training and provides facilities for CAPD patients to perform CAPD exchanges at lunch time near their work place.